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Advisory Space are careers counsellors who will help equip you with the tools you need to navigate the job market. We give honest, upfront advice and a personal, one-to-one service.



We review your interview style, CV, experience and social media branding. Get honest feedback and guidance of how to shoot for a successful job application.


Once you’ve found your job, we show you how to stick with it, get a raise, and make sure you’re climbing the ladder.


Future check ins help you make sure you’re on track with a career path that’s more than just about the money.


"It had been years since my last professional interview and I was in desperate need of guidance. Jamie took me step by step through the entire process and worked with me to establish clear career goals for myself and and revamp my resume to align with those goals. I used to feel a bit embarrassed when submitting a resume, and now I am genuinely proud of showcasing my past experiences. Jamie’s honest yet constructive approach helped me not only to land my first job here in Australia but also to feel confident in future job searches. I had been applying for almost three months, and within three weeks of working with Jamie I had landed an interview and a job offer.


- Diana - Program Assistant / Support Worker


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